Kitchenmaster Range

Delivers power and results where it’s needed most at the heart of the hospitality, healthcare, foodservice industry, providing a range of products to cover all catering hygiene requirements.

Housemaster Range

Designed to meet the very highest hygiene standards expected by all market sectors, especially in hospitality and healthcare. These products are ideal for fast results and easy-to-use convenience in busy housekeeping and cleaning operations.

Reload Range

A chemical concentrate system that is easy to use, install and maintain. Colour-coded labels and a simple numbering system helps product recognition and staff training. Accurate dispensing systems ensures cost in use savings, controlled dilution and improved safety.

Floormaster Range

Whether it is deep cleaning for carpets or rugs or maintaining a high gloss finish on marble or ceramic flooring, Floormaster products ensure success at an affordable cost.

Washroom Range

The Kitchenmaster washroom range of cleaning products, developed for all washroom and shower area tasks, often outperform industry leading brands, offering competitive pricing without compromising performance.

Industrymaster Range

This diverse range of products can tackle all kind of jobs whether inside or outside guaranteeing the best results. Kitchenmaster products are strong enough to tackle oil, grease, and stubborn stains.

Laundrymaster Range

A range of products robust enough to tackle the most challenging of textile staining, yet delicate enough to avoid damage to fragile or treasured garments. The laundrymaster range provides the perfect arsenal for individuals or organisations where a high standard of laundry cleanliness is paramount.

Fleetmaster Range

Whether you are a car enthusiast or running a large commercial vehicle business, the Fleetmaster range offers a selection of top performing cleaning solutions.

Product Development has always been an integral part of the Kitchenmaster Group, along with the agility to modify and customise formulations to meet specific customer requirements. In the current environment of business, environment and sustainability challenges, this flexibility places Kitchenmaster Group in a strong position to work closely with our customers and adapt to a rapidly changing regulatory framework, whilst delivering consistent quality in terms of both product and customer service.

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