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Kitchenmaster was established in 1975 and since this period has grew from strength to strength. Based in Carryduff, Belfast, the Kitchenmaster team are lead by directors Brian O’Kane and Jacqui Walsh.

Kitchenmaster prides itself on manufacturing high quality cleaning and hygiene products which are then sold to distributors throughout the world including, Ireland, UK, Europe, UAE and New Zealand.

Kitchenmaster offer a diverse range of products, ranging from dishwash detergent, to surface sanitises to glass cleaners. Formulated to leave all surfaces, crockery, utensils and glasses like brand new restoring to their original state.
Kitchenmaster’s housekeeping and washroom range, offer customers the option of 5 litres or ready to use trigger sprays for simplicity providing excellent results.
Kitchenmaster have a range of products available which can be used in a 2, 3, 4 and 5 cycle systems delivering professional and hygienic results.
A super concentrated system which provides accurate dosing to reduce waste. Designed to be user friendly, each product is colour coded and numbered for simplicity.
Kitchenmaster have developed a pet care product, which is effective against common types of bacteria such as fungi and mould to help keep your family pets safe.
Offering a wide range of Vehicle and Industrial cleaners to provide aid with the removal of grease oil and stubborn stains found on vehicles and concrete surfaces.